Head of the authority’s speech

Eng. Abdulbaset Salem Al Baour


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

It is my pleasure to welcome the visitors of the General Information Authority’s new website, which was developed within the framework of our continuous efforts to keep up with the tremendous changes the world is witnessing in various aspects of life, including technological development, and the emergence of highly efficient technologies; to make the site more lively in terms of form and content, and to express the GIA’s commitment to providing a better communication channel between the local and external community.

We also made sure that the website has modern specifications that meet the needs of its valued visitors, whether in terms of obtaining information or user-friendliness, and for it to become an official platform for communication, and an interface that enables the outside world to access the news and activities of the authority, as well as regularly follow-up on the latest developments in the national information sector.

The GIA, which has never hesitated to support, improve the services and efficiency of the information sector, and highlight its importance, defines the website’s new look as a continuation of its strategic directions and future plans to advance this vital sector.

In conclusion, we wish those in charge of managing the national information sector every success.