In light of the rapid technological developments seen by the age of information, transformation towards a society of digital knowledge became an irreplaceable strategic directive, and a recurring demand to accomplish sustainable human development and reach advanced levels in world competitiveness; as the massive informatics revolution is built on proper employment of digital technology, and harnessing it in order to raise the level of service and improve the life of the individual. 

In keeping up with these consequent improvements; it’s the General Information Authority’s keenness to benefit from the acquirements of the age of digital information, as the GIA has decided to develop Libya’s e-portal as reflects the authority’s interest to adopt the digital transformation projects for the society of information, and its persisting aim to make use of the digital technology in presenting its services electronically to beneficiaries, in methods and ways easier and more accessible, to provide a better life for the community.


About Libya’s e-Portal of information:

The e-portal of Libya is considered the official portal for electronic dealings in Libya, and the unified electronic gateway for all government services and transactions, as the portal provides beneficiaries with a chance to execute their governmental transactions electronically with ease of access, speed and accuracy, and enables them to get trusted information with as less time and effort as possible.

The Libyan e-portal for information, which was launched in June 25 of year 2008, is considered one of the most important institutional projects of the highest priority in the e-Government Project. It is a website supervised by the General Information Authority, released on the internet in October 31, 2009, as a smart platform for information and governmental services, securing the rise in informatics value and presenting services electronically to beneficiaries, as the portal is considered a starting point in connecting through to other websites, through which it is possible to obtain the largest possible amount of information sources, classified and organized, according to activity or specialization. 

When establishing the portal, the authority has been keen on ensuring that it conforms to internationally approved technical standards in designing electronic gateways, so that its users enjoy the highest levels of efficiency and speed of completion, as the portal aims to provide information and services to institutions and individuals, meet their needs electronically in an easy and developed way, and contribute to enhancing competitiveness and transparency in government services.

Portal services:

The portal offers various services in different areas, as it provides general information or updated electronic services, among which is to:

Provide e-services: Through the portal governmental transactions can be made electronically

Provide informatics services: Through the gateway general and detailed information about Libya and the service providers can be found

Features of the portal:

The most prominent features of the portal are:

A high quality level of organization, as the portal presents categorized information in all fields

It is a single access point to government services

Interoperability between various databases in one secure work environment

Easy interactive communication between various governmental institutions and the user

Providing the services of those registered in the portal work system according to authoritarian rights

Management and update of the portal’s content from anywhere with an internet connection