• Tripoli, Monday, September 4, 2023.

The General Information Authority represented by Mr. Ibrahim Baraka, Director of the Public Services Department, Mr. Khaled Al-Ferjani, Director of the International Cooperation, Relations and Media Office, Mr. Samir Al-Tayeb, the director of the Public Relations Department, Mr. Ali Al-Baroni, a member of the conference organizing committee, and a number of engineers,  the  International Libyan Conference for Information and Communications Technologies in its second session of the which began this morning at the Corinthia Hotel in the capital, Tripoli, and will continue for three days.

At the opening session, many speeches were delivered that emphasized the importance and role of scientific research in driving growth, progress and advancement of the information and communications sector. The opening session witnessed the presentation of a scientific lecture entitled (The Next Smart Computing Model) delivered by Professor Dr. Hammad Qanwa, in which he presented the details of collective smart computing and smart spaces, their components and goals

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