A cooperative meeting between the Department of Finance, and Office of International Relations, Cooperation, and Media, at the GIA, with regard to the media coverage of the events, and activities carried out by the administration

Tripoli – Thursday, November 17, 2022

In Mr. Abdulhakim Al Hadi Belhaj’s office at the GIA, on Thursday, a coordination meeting was held between the Department of Finance, and the International Relations, Cooperation and Media Office, which included all of: Mr. Adel Subhi Abu Abdolah, administrative director; Mr. Khalid Al Ferjani, director of office, Mr. Noureddine Al Taher Al Wahishi, Head of the Accounts Department, as well as a number of unit heads and employees from the administration and the office. The meeting focused on coordinating between the two parties regarding media coverage of the administration’s events and activities, considering that the Office of International Relations, Cooperation, and Media, is the link between the authority and society in all its categories.

The Director of the Department started the meeting by welcoming the attendees, showing appreciation for the efforts of the Office of International Relations, Cooperation, and Media, in order to achieve the vision of the authority, indicating the administration’s intention to continue collaboration with the office to achieve that vision.

Mr. Adel Abu Abdolah confirmed that the department, thanks to the directions and follow-up of the head of the GIA, Eng. Abdulbaset Salem Al Baour, continues its efforts toward development, and establishing ways to achieve employee satisfaction.

Then, Mr. Adel Abu Abdolah showcased what the Department of Finance achieved during this year, the most important of which preparing the authority’s final account for the ended fiscal year, 2021, and preparing the GIA’s estimated budget for the fiscal year 2023; comparing the annual inventory and matching it with the items, as well as tabularizing the financial authority staff data, and matching it with the unified salary scale. In this regard, he commended the fruitful and constructive cooperation with the Office of Internal Audit and the great role played by the Director of the Office, Mr. Mahmoud Al Rahimi, in accomplishing these duties, and the sincere efforts made by the management staff.

In turn, Director of Office of International Relations, Cooperation and Media, gave thanks to the Director of the Department of Finance, for his continuous support for the strategic work of the media at the office, showing appreciation for all the employees working in office, who are keen to perform their work with high professionalism, in order to show the achievements made by the GIA.

The meeting discussed the important role played by the Office of International Relations, Cooperation, and Media, as well as media initiatives and proposals that anticipate the future of work in the office, especially with regard to enhancing electronic content to serve the message of the GIA.

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