The head of the GIA, Eng. Abdulbaset Salem Al Baour, General Affairs Advisor Mr. Kamal Salama, and a number of management offices directors, accompanied by His Excellency the Minister of Planning, Mr. Mohammad Yusuf Al Zaidani, participated on Sunday, in the launching ceremonies of the inventory and follow-up system for programs and projects in the Ministry of Planning, after the GIA had finished implementing and preparing it for the benefit of the ministry, according to the technical descriptions made by the ministry.

The Minister of Planning commended, during the launch ceremony of the system, all the efforts spent to achieve this big work, and with such good timing.

Undersecretaries of the Ministry, the Director General of the Planning Institute, the Director General of the Statistics and Census Authority, and the Director General of the Survey Authority participated in the launch ceremony.

Members from the technical team and the head of the GIA also participated, and the technical team within the Ministry of Planning, responsible for implementing and following up on the system, as well as a number of management office administrators, and directors of departments in the Ministry’s office.


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