The Director of the National Database at the GIA, Mr. Nader Melitan, discussed during a meeting this morning, in the Ras Hasan headquarters, with representatives of the Libyan Audit Bureau, and the National Program for Cancer Control, a number of files concerned with the Oncology patients system.

The meeting, which was attended by the Technical Advisor to the head of the authority, Eng. Mahmoud Muharram Al Khouja, was about working on the Oncology System, the inputs and outputs of the system.

This meeting was a chance to discuss what has been achieved in the oncology system, as Eng. Akram Al Latiff demonstrated the completed work regarding the system, and the mechanism of working with it, defining its roles and responsibilities.

The oncology system is considered a developed and updated system that works through an integrated electronic system, to manage all procedures and medical services, which is presented to the segment of oncology patients, may Allah Almighty heal them. It connects all the centers of cancer control to the National Database, and the pharmaceutical supply and treatment systems abroad to provide all medical needs, and everything related to managing the patient’s medical file, through a number of operations; starting from registration and documentation of the main data, passing through the pharmaceutical needs of oncology drugs, by means of which the patients’ needs of medicines are determined and distributed among the centers, ensuring that the medicine reaches the patient, according to the specified treatment quotas, and recycling stock between centers. And ending with treatment procedures abroad for patients who do not have treatment at home, according to specific criteria from the Scientific Committee.

The meeting, along with Mr. Nader Melitan, and Eng. Mahmoud Al Khouja, was attended on behalf of the National Program for Cancer Control, by Dr. Afaf Abu Shaala, Dr. Walid Masoud; Dr. Maram Asharif, and Mr. Abdulhamid Al Fathali. On behalf of the Audit Bureau, Mr. Uthman Al Baghdadi Asharif, Eng. Ali Abdulkarim Hamrabatan, and Eng. Akram Al Latiff, supervisor of the system.


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