The discussion, which was held at the GIA, and sponsored by Eng.
Abdulbaset Al Baour the head of the authority and attended by the

director of the government bidding and procurement platform, and a
bunch of government agencies representatives, focused on explaining
the procedures and instructional standards that must be followed in
working on the platform.

Eng. Adel Al Toumi said that this meeting is according to the GIA’s
obligations about achieving the principle of effective participation with
all the government agencies, so as to serve the public and guarantee
the quality of services found on the platform and achieve the added
values ​​optimally.

The contribution of government agencies on the government bidding
and procurement platform was very remarkable during the last period,
which confirms the commitment of these agencies and their conviction
of the importance of the platform in providing distinguished services.

Engineer Adel Al Toumi praised the effective interaction between the
platform's team and government agencies through the communication
platform that was made for this purpose, explaining that the workgroup
of the platform is looking forward to presenting all available expertise
to contribute to supporting these entities on working on the platform.
The meeting witnessed remarkable participation from various
government agencies representatives on the government bidding and
procurement platform; both in person and through a video call, as
everyone interacted around the latest updates of working on the
platform, and discussed the best ways of cooperation that all can
benefit from through this platform, as well as the issues and obstacles
they faced, and how to coordinate efforts to solve these issues. The

meeting was attended by the director of the Head of the Authority’s
Affairs Office, Mr. Ashraf Al Morabet, and the government bids and
procurement platform work team.


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