The GIA participates in response to an invitation from the SME national
program, represented by the follow-up office manager, Mr. Makram
Rahouma, accompanied by a number of employees from said office,
and the office of International Relations, Cooperation, and Media; at a
celebration of which the first award for high-quality olive oil for the
year 2022 – 2023, was given. It was organized by the national program
of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on Tuesday morning, in one of
the meeting rooms in the capital of Tripoli, under the slogan “Our oil is
a great blessing,” in the presence of the Minister of Economy & Trade
Mohammed Al Huwaij, manager of the national program of SME,
representatives of research centers, and some who are interested in
the field of olive cultivation.

The Minister of Economy and Trade clarified in a speech that the
statistics show that the state of Libya possesses approximately 7 million
olive trees, and is seeking to plant more than 20 million trees to
support the national economy.
During the ceremony, the top ten participants in the first-ever award
for highest quality olive oil were presented with monetary awards, as
the first in rank received 10000 Libyan dinars; second was given 7500,
third rank received 5000, and finally, from fourth to all the other
winners were presented with 1000 dinars.

The supervisory committee of the teams preparing the procedures
guide for the operations plan in the departments and offices of the
General Information Authority holds its third coordination meeting with
the heads of the work teams and discusses a draft financial procedures


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