Head of the GIA, Engineer Abdulbaset Salem Al Baour, reviewed, on Tuesday, the procedures of the training courses organized by the authority in cooperation with the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, about the mechanism of working on the tender and procurement platform, directed towards the government’s employees, whose work is concerned with the platform from different institutions.

The head of the GIA listened to efficient explanations from the Director of the Tender and Procurement Platform, Eng. Adel Jumaa Toumi, and the engineers assigned for training, about the way the training process works, how successful were these courses for the trainees in developing their skillset, in dealing with the governmental platform; in addition to some proposals that may contribute to the success of the training process for the rest of the agencies that have not yet been able to join the training program.

The head of the authority commended the role of the training team and the efforts in developing the target skills, indicating the responsibility and tasks assigned to everyone.


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