In the framework of the keenness of the GIA in supporting the directives of the
Government of National Accord to work on the platform, and accelerating its
implementation, and publish all tenders via this platform, the director of the
bidding and Procurement platform project, Eng. Adel Toumi, discussed with the
Director of the Information and Documentation Center affiliate to the Ministry of
Economy and Trading, Eng. Hussain Al Lamoushi, the different aspects of
cooperation in facilitating and speeding up technical and procedural steps,
regarding the activation of the second phase of the Government Tenders and
Procurement platform, and especially the registration of suppliers.
The meeting, which was formed at the General Information Authority during the
last couple of days, and which was attended by the leader of the training team,
Eng. Tawfiq Najm Eddine Musbah, discussed the mutual framework for the
second phase between the authority and the center, and the registration of
suppliers mechanism, in addition to demonstrating preliminary proposals for
networking (verification and exchange of data) between the bidding system and
the technical system available in the companies' center.
At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that a meeting should be held between
officials from the Ministry of Economy and Trading, and the General Information
Authority, in order to discuss all the procedural details of the second phase.
Engineer Hussain Al Lamoushi confirmed, during the meeting, the complete
readiness of the center in participating in the implementation of the second
phase, and harnessing capabilities to accomplish this national work on all the
technical and procedural work and networking.


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