• Tripoli, Tuesday, April 4, 2023.
    Yesterday, Tuesday, the Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies and the General Information
    Authority signed an agreement to enhance joint cooperation between them and benefit from the common
    capabilities of the two parties to serve the two institutions, including joint cooperation in the field of
    training and developing human resources in the field of information technology.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Ramadan Al-Madani, the head of the Academy, and Eng. Abdel Basset
Salem Al-Baour, the head of the Authority.
The cooperation agreement, which was signed at the headquarters of the Libyan Academy for
Postgraduate Studies, stipulates that the academy provides training packages commensurate with the
requirements of the General Information Authority, which contribute to the development of competencies
according to a training plan developed at a high level and supervised by specialized professors with

In a speech to them on the occasion, the two sides expressed their happiness at the importance of signing
this agreement, which is the beginning of joint work and raising it to the required level.

The two sides stressed that the strategic partnership between them will contribute significantly to
achieving the desired goals and achieving sustainable development throughout our country.

The two parties agreed to start preparing a diploma training program in the field of law and informatics,
which aims to develop legal offices working in the field of informatics and all government institutions to
keep pace with the rapid technical developments.

A number of directors of departments and offices and consultants from both sides attended the signing

Some scientific facilities of the Academy were visited, represented by the School of Medical Sciences and
the digital library, one of the stages of the digital transformation project at the Academy.

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