• Tripoli, Monday, August 28, 2023.

A meeting was held this morning, Monday, at the headquarters of the Tax Authority in Tripoli, between Mr. Omar Al-Zarrouk, Deputy Director General of the Tax Authority, and Eng. Abdel Basset Salem Al-Baour, the head of the General Information Authority, it revolved around discussing a number of issues related to developing and enhancing aspects of collaboration between the two sides in the fields of digitization, electronic connectivity and data exchange.

During the meeting, which was held with the participation of the authority’s informatics counsellors, Dr. Abdul Raouf Al-Bibas, Engineer Mahmoud Al-Khoja, Director of the Electronic Services and Digital Transformation Department, Engineer Saber Abdel-Hamid, Director of the Authority’s Affairs Office, Mr. Ashraf Al-Murabit, as well as a number of officials at the Tax Authority, exchanging opinions and viewpoints on many technical issues of common interest, including ((tax identifier)) related to economic activities and individuals.

During the meeting, it was agreed to form a technical working group from the two institutions to supervise many of the joint technical works between them, in addition to holding a number of training courses related to raising the efficiency of tax authority employees in the areas of data exchange and dealing with the national guide of government data.

The head of the Authority was briefed on the most prominent features of the strategic plan for digital transformation within the Tax Authority, as well as the mechanism of work within the Authority electronically.

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