• Tripoli, Monday, August 28, 2023.

The head of the General Information Authority, Eng. Abdel Basset Salem Al-Baour, and the Minister of Labor and Rehabilitation, the Minister-designate of Civil Service, Eng. Ali Al-Abed Al-Ridha, reviewed, in their meeting that was held today, Monday, at the Authority’s headquarters in Tripoli, the executive steps of the project to list the workforce in companies, and  the project of the platform for re-placement of employees at disposal, which is being implemented by the Authority for the benefit of the Ministry.

During this meeting, the Minister and the head of the Authority listened to detailed explanations from the Director of the Electronic Services and Digital Transformation Department at the Authority, Eng. Saber Abdel Hamid, to detailed explanations about the steps that have been taken in the implementation field of the two projects.

A number of counsellors and directors of departments and offices from the Authority and the Ministry attended the meeting.

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