• Tripoli, Thursday, October 26, 2023.

After their outstanding participation in the recent training course organized by the Raqameyon project for a number of employees in government sectors, municipalities, and job seekers within its first targeted training group, Mr. Mounir Mohamed Al-Adel, the General Coordinator of the project, conducted, this morning, Thursday, a special ceremony organized by the General Information Authority  at its headquarters, as it is responsible for implementing the project, to grant participation certificates to representatives from the sectors that had participated with a group of their employees in the training course organized by the project recently. These sectors include the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation, and the General Information Authority, where several experts in this course presented various topics about the project and its role in different fields.

At the beginning of this event, which was attended by a number of department managers and offices in the authority, as well as the head of the project team appointed by the authority, Mr. Mounir Al-Adel, the general project coordinator, delivered a welcoming speech in which he welcomed the guests and emphasized that the Raqameyon project continues to implement training courses according to the four targeted tracks: public institutions and municipalities, Ministry of Education, small and startup companies, and sectoral information and documentation centers.

On their part, representatives of the sectors expressed their sincere gratitude and great appreciation to the General Information Authority for their contribution to building the capacities of government employees.

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