Tripoli, on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

As part of the national role of the General Information Authority in providing the necessary technical and advisory support to all state institutions in order to develop their institutional capacity, especially with the technological advancements in data storage and exchange methods. A delegation from the General Information Authority, led by Mr. Nader Mleitan, the director of the National Database, visited the Information and Documentation Center affiliated with the Ministry of Education. The delegation was received by the director general of the center, Dr. Khaled Mohamed Hamir, who briefed them on the center’s IT infrastructure, including software, hardware, networks, and servers.

During the visit, the delegation was provided with detailed explanations about the technical activities, future plans, and efforts of the center in building an advanced IT infrastructure.

The visit included a meeting attended by the director of the National Database Administration, the director general of the center, and a number of engineers from both the authority and the center. During the meeting, they agreed to form a technical team from both sides to coordinate cooperation and technical integration.

At the end of the visit, the director of the National Database Administration praised the technical development witnessed by the center and its serious steps and diligent efforts in developing the IT infrastructure. He also commended the warm reception and hospitality.

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