Tripoli, Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

The National Committee for Digital Transformation and the National Council for Economic and Social Development organized a workshop on the National Strategy for Digital Transformation, today Wednesday, at its headquarters in the capital, Tripoli. This workshop included a dialogue under the theme “Ambitious Vision towards Achieving the National Strategy for Digital Transformation”. The workshop was attended by Engineer Abdelbaset El Baour, the head of the General Information Authority and Head of the Committee, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Futaisi, Director General of the Council, Dr. Al-Haramain Mohammed, Committee experts, directors, and representatives of sectoral information and documentation centers, as well as officials, specialists, and representatives from a number of government institutions.

The most important topics discussed in this dialogue were the methodology for preparing the strategy, the strategy’s axes, initiatives and projects, initiatives for basic digital infrastructure, initiatives for digital government, initiatives for digital economy, initiatives for digital society, and the preparation of a guiding model that is generalized to the sectors, each according to its specificity.

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