• Tripoli, December 31, 2023.

The Director of the Planning and Projects Department, Engineer Munir Mohammed Al-Adl, discussed with representatives from the Authority’s departments and offices in the hall of Abdul Hakim Al-Hadi this morning Sunday, the annual report of the General Information Authority for the year 2023, and the framework that this report should take.

The meeting, attended by the head of the follow-up office Mr. Makram Arhoma, reviewed the standard models for preparing periodic reports and the mechanism for filling and completing their statements, in addition to discussing the importance of integrating efforts to maximize the impact of the work and achievements of the authority included in this report, during the meeting, Engineer Munir Al-Adl praised the efforts made by the departments and offices of the authority in preparing and producing the annual report for 2023, emphasizing on the necessity of producing this report in a manner that reflects its importance, scale, and professionalism of work carried out by The Authority during 2023.

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