Tripoli – Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Within the preparations framework for the launching of the National System of management of the medical operations for Oncology patients; which is a part of the National Cancer Control Program, a discussion was held on Tuesday, at the GIA in Ras Hasan headquarters, which included the Director of the National Database Management, Mr. Nader Melitan, head and members of the Pharmaceutical Policy Committee of Cancer Control, and representatives of oncology centers in Libya. The meeting handled the final preparations for introducing the Oncology patients system in the trial stage.

The discussion was about the agreement on the final steps in introducing this system to start working with it in the near future.

The meeting discussed many topics related to the system, among which is defining roles and responsibilities among the parties with relation to the system, in order to serve the goals for which it was established, which is to organize therapeutic procedures and pharmaceutical services that are provided to cancer patients, may Allah heal them, in addition to the observations of the treatment centers.

The meeting was attended by all of: Dr. Afaf Abu Shaala, Dr. Walid Masoud, Dr. Maram Asharif; Dr. Mabrokka Ali, Mr. Tareq Al Hamisi, Eng. Mohammed Al Ahyul, and Eng. Faris Atweijeri; and on behalf of the executive company Eng. Akram Al Latiff.

The meeting was also attended by, via video-call, Dr. Ismail Saialla, Dr. Abdullah Gabriel, Dr. Khalid Al Mahdi, Dr. Khalil Belead, and Dr. Abu Ageila Al Mukhtar, and Dr. Alaa Abu Al Qasim.


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