The Ministry of High Education and Research, and the GIA, sign an agreement of cooperation that includes organizing interoperability and data flow and exchange, in order to achieve speed and accuracy in terms of work and capacity-building, safely and effectively.

Dr. Imran Al Qaib, Minister of High Education and Research and Eng. Abdulbaset Salem Al Baour, head of the GIA, both signed on behalf of their institutions.

And in this regard, Dr. Imran Al Qaib commended the signing up of the agreement, confirming that it is in the framework of partnership between the ministry and the GIA, to facilitate the ministry’s work in obtaining information related to the National Number inquiry electronically, especially concerning work with regard to the United National System of the universities and the united academic number, which the ministry has made a lot of effort to achieve.

Dr. Imran Al Qaib confirmed that the cooperation agreement stems from the ministry’s intention and focus on enhancing the ways of cooperation between the institutions associated with digital transformation, and that is to make use of the latest technologies in the service of various fields in the ministry, commending the efforts of the GIA and its fruitful cooperation in providing information and data to all government agencies.

In turn, Eng. Abdulbaset Salem Al Baour clarified that the GIA operates in terms of the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to it, to activate interoperability operations with the state’s institutions, provide data and information to various organizations and sectors, as fits the nature of their work.

In the framework of the signing up of the agreement, His Excellency the Minister of High Education and Research, presented the Ministry’s Award to Eng. Abdulbaset Salem Al Baour, and that is to show appreciation to the efforts spent in making the GIA’s work successful, and its prominent role in organizing and developing the work of all the institutions and sectors of our beloved country.

The signing up of the agreement was witnessed on behalf of the ministry by a number of advisors and administrators of the Libyan universities, and on behalf of the GIA, Dr. Abdulroaf Ali Al Bibas, Informatics Advisor; as well as directors of office of International Relations, Cooperation and Media, and Head’s Affairs.


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