In the framework of His Excellency the Minister of Finance’s Decision No. (754) of 2022, regarding the formation of committees for the annual inventory of treasuries and bank accounts for entities funded by the public treasury. Today, Monday, the General Information Authority handed over all forms related to these procedures to the committee assigned by the Ministry of Finance in this regard; and that is after the authority has finished all its data.

This came during the reception of the Director of the Financial Affairs Department, Mr. Adel Subhi Abu Abdullah, in his office, to the head and members of the committee, with attendances by Director of Internal Audit Office, Mr. Mahmoud Rahimi; Financial Supervisor Mr. Younis Shrada, and heads heads of the salaries and accounts units, Maqboula Makhlouf, and Enara Serbya.

The authority’s forms included an inventory of all cash and book balances of its accounts, treasury expenses and all finance details related to pending transfers and cheques (sukuk), in addition to inventory forms related to all financial matters.

During the speech through this meeting, Director of Financial Affairs commended the efforts of all the employees of Administration and Internal Audit Office in achieving these jobs, and which were completed by unified efforts of the employees of the Finance Department, and its various sectors; and in cooperation with the employees of the Internal Audit Office, especially Ms. Zahra Hassan Al Gadri, praising the efforts of the Ministry of Finance in accomplishing this national work and the importance it represents.


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