The training halls at the GIA have seen, on Wednesday, an increased number in participant employees with relation to the government bidding and procurement system, from various ministries and state institutions, and that is to receive the training courses about the mechanism of the Government Tender and Procurement platform.

A number of employees of Al Fadia Al Qarawi Hospital, Gharyan University, Al Hadba Al Khadra General Hospital, the Dialysis Treatment Center in Misrata, the Central Blood Bank in Tripoli and the National Safety Authority have benefited from the training program for this day.

The participants expressed their approval and profit from what they learned in this course; and this training given by the GIA employees will continue, to involve all the employees interested in the tender and procurement platform from various state ministries and institutions, in order to develop their skills in dealing with it.

It is to be noted that the training courses implemented by the GIA, in cooperation with the Minister of State for Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs, aim to enhance and develop the skills needed to work on the governmental tender and procurement platform, and use it safely for the goal of its establishment.


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