The committee, which was formed according to Head of the Authority’s decision, Mr. Abdulbaset Salem Al Baour, and is responsible for preparing the administrative procedures guide of the GIA, held a meeting of coordination, on Thursday, with the heads of the guide preparation teams, which discussed the mechanisms of work for these teams, along with dividing up the work through showcasing the required tasks of every team, in order to accelerate accomplishing the guide at the specified time.

The committee consists of, which is chaired by General Affairs Advisor, Mr. Kamal Salama, a number of management directors, in addition to a number of experts and advisors from ministries.

The chairman of the committee, Advisor Kamal Salama, confirmed during this meeting, that the preparation of the administrative procedures guide comes as a necessary methodology in the GIA’s work, and it will be a written reference that accurately explains the procedures for all employees.

The chairman of the committee called on the leaders of the teams to study the previous versions of the procedures guide for the GIA, with accuracy and focus, and making use of it in preparing this new guide.


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