• Tripoli, Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The manager of the National Information System Department at the General Information Authority, Eng. Adel Jumaa Al-Toumi, confirmed that the authority has begun to implement the national policy for data governance in all government agencies in the country with its various components and dependencies, in coordination with the sectoral information and documentation centers.

 He said that this step comes within the framework of the authority’s keenness to create an integrated information environment aimed at providing high-quality services to citizens, supporting decision-makers, improving the ability of government agencies to handle data well, and making maximum use of data as an important part of national assets.

This came in a speech he had during his meeting today, Tuesday, with the Director General of the Information and Documentation Center of the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, Engineer Osama Faraj Al-Khabouli, in the presence of Engineer Tawfiq Najm Al-Din, Head of the Data Resources Department at the Authority, and a number of department directors at the center. Among the topics, the most important of which is a review of the authority’s action plan to implement the national policy for government data governance and its importance at the national level, and the impact of this policy on data governance within government institutions in the State of Libya in general, and in the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts in particular.

Eng. Al-Toumi also stressed the importance of the National Directory for Government Data and its use in creating a guide for the inputs and outputs of the National Information System, which the Authority is working on preparing.

It is worth noting that the Authority, in its capacity as the regulator for information and data, had launched this year a set of policies and strategies that promote the use of data and the exchange of information.

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