• Tripoli, Monday, May 22, 2023

Based on its desire for excellence and continuous improvement, and in support of its strategic objectives, and its belief in the importance of quality to develop its performance and provide the best services to achieve the satisfaction of beneficiaries, the general information authority has taken active steps towards implementing the standards and requirements of the international standard for quality management system and obtaining the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

In the context of preparing for the implementation of this system, the authority implemented, today, Monday, a lecture entitled (ISO 9001 Quality Management System) presented by Dr. Hisham Kinan, a specialist and consultant in quality and training systems, with the assistance of ISO expert Dr. Osama Al-Fazani, and in the presence of Eng. Abdel Basset Salem Al-Baour, Head of the Authority, Counselor Kamal Salameh, and a number of directors of departments and offices.

The head of the Authority gave a speech during this lecture, in which he stressed the importance of implementing the quality management system in the Authority, and raising quality to its best levels, indicating that the Authority pays great attention to the application of this system, in an effort to achieve a number of goals, the most prominent of which is the provision of services characterized by quality, clarity and transparency, including Achieving beneficiaries’ satisfaction, pointing to the need to achieve the highest levels of awareness among employees of the impact of the effective application of the quality management system on improving the authority’s reputation as a reliable authority from all concerned parties.

During this lecture, the lecturer talked about the importance of the quality management system, and the stages of its application, starting from the stage of preparation for the system, through the stages of raising awareness about the system and training employees, up to the stage of documentation, and ending with the application of the system, then its registration and approval, and the issuance of the international conformity certificate ISO (9001). In addition to the most important benefits that government institutions can achieve from the application of ISO, and the developments that occurred in the ISO standard since its first implementation until its updated version of 2015, obstacles to the implementation of quality management systems in the government sector, and leadership and its role in establishing a quality management system and evaluating the performance.

The lecture witnessed a great interaction by the audience due to the importance of the valuable information that the lecturer covered.

A series of activities and programs will be held in the coming period to develop a work program for the implementation of quality management systems in the Authority.

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