Tripoli, Sunday, May 21, 2023

Based on the strategic objectives of the General Information Authority in developing the performance of the national information sector, raising its efficiency, and creating an appropriate work environment among government institutions that enhances the principle of data sharing, availability and exchange, and achieving integration between government agencies.

Today, Sunday, at the authority’s headquarters, the activities of the first training course for preparing government data specialists in the entities were launched, which the authority is organizing as part of a series of training courses to be implemented in this context, with the aim of building the capabilities of workers in government agencies in the field of data, which contributes to creating an appropriate work environment that enhances the use of data and exchange.

The Director of the National Information System Department at the Authority, during the inauguration of the activities of this session, explained that the training program implemented by the Authority under the direct sponsorship of its head, Eng. Abdul Basit Salem Al-Baour, it includes a set of training courses targeting specialists working in the field of data in various government agencies, stressing the importance of achieving maximum benefit from this training program.

The activities of the first day of the training course included a lecture on (National Policy for National Data Governance) presented by Engineer Adel Al-Toumi, in which he gave an overview of the data governance policy, the goals, objectives and scope of this policy, in addition to the principles, values and data life cycle. Trainees from the Information and Documentation Centers of the Ministries of Justice, Agriculture and Livestock, Labor and Rehabilitation, Transportation and Tourism and Handicrafts will participate in this course, which will last for five days

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