• Tripoli, Sunday, July 6, 2023.

Today, Sunday, the General information authority organized a training course on the methodology for preparing data specialists in government agencies, in which a number of employees of the general Authority of Communications and Informatics and the General Authority of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs participated.

This comes as a continuation of the series of training courses for preparing data specialists in government agencies, which are organized by the General Information Authority as part of its plan to prepare human cadres in government agencies in the field of data and develop their skills.

The course program, which was presented by Eng. Adel Jumaa Al-Toumi, an informatics expert, included a comprehensive explanation of the concept and objectives of the National guide for Government Data and the various procedures and roles required for data governance in government agencies. The course also presented the methodology of dealing with data in government agencies in accordance with what was stated in the National Policy for Government Data Governance issued by the Authority as a general reference.

The participants in the course considered that such programs and training courses contribute to the development of staff capabilities and help them develop their various skills.

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