• Tripoli, Sunday, October 15, 2023

In continuation of the specialized training courses on (methodology for preparing data specialists in government agencies), which is carried out by the General Information Authority for employees of government agencies within the framework of its competencies to prepare human cadres in government agencies in the field of data and develop their skills, which aims to enhance their capabilities and skills in a way that will develop the job.

A specialized training course on (methodology for preparing data specialists in government agencies) began at the General Information Authority headquarters this Sunday morning, for a number of employees of the Information and Documentation Center at the Ministry of Education.

This course, which will last for five days, was opened with a speech by the Director of the National Information System Management, Engineer Adel Jumaa Al-Toumi. At the beginning, he welcomed the attendees and explained that this course will focus on several topics about the concept and objectives of the National Directory of Government Data, which the Authority seeks to prepare in coordination with various institutions.

The opening of the course activities was attended by the head of the data sources department at the authority, Engineer Tawfiq Najm al-Din Misbah, and a number of management engineers.

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