The General Authority for Information sponsored the activities of the workshop (Climate Change Risks and the Role of Early Warning Systems in Crisis and Disaster Management), which was organized by the Libyan Center for Climate Change Research and the Libyan Society for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, today, Thursday, at the Mahari Hotel in the capital, Tripoli, with the participation of representatives of a number of Ministries, national bodies and institutions, especially those concerned with the topic of the workshop.

This sponsorship comes in line with the Authority’s objectives in supporting scientific initiatives and strengthening partnerships with governmental and private institutions and the private sector.

As the authority had participated in this workshop with a delegation of employees from the GIS department. The workshop covered several topics in its scientific session, including:

  • Climate change.
  • Early warning and crisis management.
  • Management of water resources and dams in Libya.

Integration between institutions and the mechanism of data flow and sharing between them. The workshop participants discussed the technical aspects of the dams’ condition and maintenance to reduce floods and torrents, in light of the tragic incident that the city of Derna had witnessed earlier

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