• Tripoli, Thursday, December 7, 2023.

The member and rapporteur of the Higher Quality Committee at the General Information Authority , Engineer Munir Mohamed Al-Adl, held a joint meeting today, Thursday, with the Director of the Administrative Affairs Department, Mr. Abdul Hakim Bashir Al-Shummani, during which the mechanisms of the work of the Higher Quality Committee in monitoring the process of job description and job specification for the employees of the Authority were discussed, within the framework of the committee’s efforts to evaluate the quality standards and administrative performance to contribute to the fulfillment of its mission and the achievement of its objectives in the best manner.

The meeting addressed the importance of the administrative and organizational role of the authority through monitoring the organizational procedures, foremost of which is the organizational guide for job descriptions and specifications, which defines the tasks and duties of the organizational components, and clarifies the administrative powers. During this meeting, a member and rapporteur of the Higher Quality Committee highlighted the importance of job description and specification documents, as well as the employee card, and their role in the committee’s work to evaluate the administrative aspects, identify strengths for highlighting and development, and weaknesses for evaluation according to the job description and specification conditions and standards, indicating that the committee is keen on holding such meetings with various administrative components of the authority.

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