• Tripoli, Monday, January 15, 2024.

The head of the General Information Authority, Engineer Abdul Basit Salem Al-Baour, attended part of the training course organized by the Authority on “Work Procedures and Designing forms”. This comes as part of the efforts of the Supreme Quality Committee to monitor the implementation of the Quality Management System at the Authority and obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification, as well as its comprehensive plan to qualify departments and offices in this regard. The training course took place at the headquarters of the Authority in Tripoli on Monday.

The head of the Authority praised the efforts of the Supreme Quality Committee in organizing specialized training courses to enhance the capabilities of employees in the Quality Management System, institutional accreditation, and improving the performance of these cadres towards excellence.
The Authority emphasized its commitment to establish an effective quality system and implement the International Standard for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, with the aim of reaching the level befitting the Authority and its significance, and creating a positive work environment that contributes to improving the quality of outputs and developing work and performance.

The course, presented by quality experts Dr. Osama Al-Fuzani and Engineer Hisham Barkan, and attended by department heads, units, and employees, covered several topics, including understanding the basic principles of quality management system and its applications, introducing the scientific steps that include all stages of work from start to finish, how to prepare a work procedure, determining the application field for each work procedure, clarifying the purpose for which the work procedure was written, and defining the responsibilities and tasks of employees responsible for implementing the work procedure, as well as understanding how to design and manage models to simplify work procedures.
The training course was attended by member and coordinator of the High Committee for Quality, Engineer Munir Mohammed Al-Adl.

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