• Tripoli, Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

As part of its follow-up to the implementation of the annual inventory work for the year ending 2023 AD for all fixed and movable assets and all properties of the General Information Authority, the Central Committee for the Annual Inventory for the year ending 2023, formed by the Chairman of the Authority, Engineer Abdel Baset Salem Al-Baour, held a meeting, this Tuesday morning, in the hall of Abdel Hakim. Al-Hadi Belhaj, with the chairmen of the subcommittees in charge of inventorying all of the Authority’s components, during which attendees discussed the most important work of the inventory subcommittees for the fixed and movable assets of the Authority’s property, the matching processes with the book assets, and the results of the work teams in the inventory process.

During the meeting, Mr. Adel Sabhi Abu Abdullah, the Director of the Financial Affairs Department and Chairman of the Central Committee for the Annual Inventory for the year ending 2023, explained the importance of the annual inventory for monitoring and documenting all fixed and movable assets and all the properties of this prestigious institution. He emphasized to the heads of the sub-committees the need to work at maximum pace and in accordance with the approved timelines, urging them to exert their utmost efforts to accomplish the assigned tasks and work with a spirit of teamwork and concerted efforts to complete the tasks in the optimal manner and as required, as well as raising awareness among employees about the importance of preserving the assets and properties of the organization.

The committee recommended the need for it to be provided with the results of the work teams’ activities, according to the prepared models, immediately after their approval by the heads of the sub-committees.

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