• Tripoli, Wednesday, May 17, 2023

A joint meeting between the Director of the National Database Department of the General information Authority and Engineer Abdel Salam Belhaj in the Information Security Department and Engineer Ahmed Al-Ghunaimi in the Information Technology Department of the Central Bank of Libya and a number of heads of departments and units from the National Database Department of the Authority.

The meeting focused on strengthening cooperation between the bank and the Authority, especially in the field of modernizing and developing linking mechanisms between them, and promoting a distinguished work environment for electronic linking operations, which works to facilitate procedures for providing financial and administrative services to citizens, and raises the degree of efficiency and quality of service and enhances transparency.

During the meeting, the Director of the National Database Department confirmed that the authority does not hesitate to provide all kinds of support and assistance to the various state institutions in light of the rapid technical development that we are experiencing, this falls within the framework of cooperation and integration between these various entities, based on the Authority’s strategic objectives in developing the performance of the government work sector and raising the level of services provided to citizens.

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