• Tripoli, Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Today, Thursday, the GIA celebrated the National Information Technology Day, which falls on the first of June annually, in order to enhance the objectives of this day, and its keenness and commitment to support the community, as the Authority attaches great importance to the issue of information technology and its employment.

On this occasion, the Authority organized a celebration in the hall of Eng. Lutfi Al-Zarouq Karmous, under the motto “We unite together and set off to make change.” It was attended by the Director General of the Information and Documentation Center at the Ministry of Agriculture, Eng. Ahmed Lamloum, and employees of the Authority, In addition to a number of employees of the sectoral information and documentation centers.

At the end of this ceremony, certificates of attending a training course were handed over to a number of employees of information and documentation centers, who attended the specialized training course organized recently by the Authority, entitled ((Building National Capacity for Data Specialists)).

Certificates of attending training courses were also handed over to a number of the Authority’s employees, who completed the specialized training courses organized by the Authority in several technical fields.

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