Tripoli, Tuesday 25 July 2023.

On the morning of Tuesday, July 25, 2023, at the headquarters of the General information authority in Tripoli, a meeting was held that included the head of the General information authority, Eng. Abdel Basset Salem Al-Baour, and the head of the management of the Libya Trade Network, Mr. / Ahmed Al-Darwish, and in the presence of the technical counselor of the General Information Authority, Dr. / Abdel Raouf Al-Bibas, and Eng. Haitham Mesbah, Assistant Executive Director, Libya Trade Network.

The meeting dealt with a review of the most important programs and projects that are being implemented by both sides, and discussed aspects of joint future cooperation between them in the areas of digital transformation in the trade sector, especially what is related to the operational part of foreign trade as well as electronic commerce, in addition to developing data and information exchange systems, the meeting also included discussing the requirements for localizing digital transformation systems in sectors concerned with developing transactions related to foreign trade, such as ports and customs, and developing related information systems.

The meeting concluded with an emphasis on benefiting from the works and technical reports available to the Authority, such as the National Guide for Government Data, and allowing participation in the Digital Lab, which is supervised by the General Information Authority, in return, the Authority can benefit from the periodic data and analytical bulletins issued by the Libya Trade Network And the exchange of information and commercial data in the future.

The two sides also agreed to establish a cooperation framework that guarantees cooperation in the field of exchanging experiences, training, and participation in technical development and technical support.

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