• Tripoli, Monday, July 31, 2023.

The head of the general information authority, Eng. Abdel Basset Salem Al-Baour, directed the Department of Geographic Information Systems at the Authority, to quickly complete the technical projects in the department, including the project of the National Register of Geospatial Information and Data, the project of the geographical portal for spatial data for municipalities, and the project of the service geographical database in municipalities.

This came during his meeting, today, Monday, with the head and staff of the Geographic Information Systems Department, in the presence of the Director of the National Information System Department, Eng. Adel Jumaa Al-Toumi.

In the meeting, the head of the Authority was briefed on the stages of work progress in the projects, stressing the importance of redoubling efforts and continuing to work with the required efficiency and quality, and in line with the technical objectives of the Authority aimed at adopting best practices in this regard.

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