Tripoli, Sunday, July 30, 2023.

In the framework of preparing for the implementation of the quality management system in all administrative organizations of the General Information Authority, the Authority organized today, Sunday, a scientific lecture on the concept of quality control and the application of total quality management, in the presence of a number of department managers, and employees.

The lecture, which was presented by Engineer Hisham Borkan, a quality expert, dealt with several axes, including the concept of quality, principles of quality, total quality management, and ISO quality certification.

The lecturer also was on the importance of the quality management system, and the stages of its implementation, starting from the stage of preparing the system, through the stages of raising awareness about the system and training employees, up to the documentation stage, and ending with the application of the system, then its registration and approval, and the issuance of the international conformity certificate ISO (9001), where he gave a full explanation of the main objectives of the implementation of the quality management system in the authority, and the benefits that can be achieved from the application of the ISO, and the developments that occurred in the ISO specification since its first implementation until its updated version of 2015, and the obstacles to the implementation of quality management systems in the government sector, leadership and its role in establishing a quality management system and performance appraisal.

At the end of the lecture, the discussion was opened for the participants and their inquiries were answered by the lecturer.

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