Tripoli, Wednesday, 08 November 2023.

The General Information Authority concluded today, Wednesday, the third training session, to enhance the employees’ capabilities in the quality management system, which was delivered by the quality expert, Engineer Hisham Barkan, at the Latif Karmous Hall in the Authority, and continued for three consecutive days.

This course covered several axes, including the concept of quality, quality principles, total quality management, ISO quality certification, and the lecturer spoke about the importance of the quality management system, the stages of its application starting from the preparation stage for the system, passing through the stages of awareness about the system and employee training, ending with the documentation stage, and finally applying the system, registering and adopting it, and issuing the ISO international conformity certificate (9001), where a comprehensive explanation was given about the main objectives of the quality management system application at the Authority, and the benefits that can be achieved through the application of ISO, and the developments that have occurred in the ISO specification since its first implementation and until its updated version for the year 2015, and leadership and its role in establishing the quality management system and evaluating performance.

At the conclusion of the training session, the organizers praised the commitment of the participants from the employees of various departments and offices of the authority, and their keenness to attend and actively participate.

These training sessions are part of the authority’s plan to implement and consolidate the quality management system among the employees, to develop performance, quality, and improve services at the authority.

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