• Tripoli, on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.    

The General Information Authority, represented by the information expert Dr. Abdulraouf Ali Al Bibas, participates in the third session of the forum (Arab region accessible to digital access… ICT for All), which opened its activities yesterday, Tuesday, in the Moroccan capital Rabat, with the participation of experts and researchers from several countries, in response to the invitation addressed to it by the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, ESCWA.

The aim of the third forum, organized by ESCWA in cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union, with the generous hosting of the Agency for Digital Development (ADD) in Morocco, is to increase awareness, exchange ideas and experiences, enhance communication and networking opportunities among participants, develop knowledge, build capacities, and showcase successful practices in promoting the participation of persons with disabilities in planning and designing appropriate solutions, and enabling all individuals to have effective access to the digital world.

The forum focuses on initiatives that ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities through the implementation of policies and strategies, redirecting resources in line with the guiding principles of sustainable development goals, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the United Nations Strategy for the Inclusion of the Perspective of Disability, and other relevant international conventions.

And the participants in the sessions of the first day of the forum emphasized the importance of disseminating information and communication technology to all segments of society, without any discrimination based on age, social status, or physical condition. Participants called for contributing to the building of an effective and efficient digital management, an innovation-oriented economy, a knowledge society based on digital technology, and the development of digital talents for youth. They also encouraged the dissemination and development of digital media and its use, highlighting the positive impact of digital technology on the quality of life and the integration of different social groups. The attendees discussed, during two sessions on the role of digital technology in improving the quality of life and social and digital inclusion for all segments of society, and on best practices in digital access to information and communication technology, the existing challenges and available opportunities to make information and communication technology easier and more inclusive in the Arab region and the world as a whole.

On this occasion, Dr. Abdurraouf Al-Bibas shed light in his paper presented during the first session of the forum on the efforts of the General Information Authority in supporting national efforts and accelerating the digital government transformation process in the state of Libya, and its unlimited keenness to employ and adopt modern and advanced technologies and benefit from them in contributing to the development of a data and information-based society. He commended the national achievements in this context and highlighted the existing cooperation between the Authority and leading organizations in this field.

Dr. Abdurraouf Al-Bibas also presented in his paper a proposal for the preparation of the national policy report on digital accessibility in the state of Libya.

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