• Tripoli, Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The head of the General Information Authority, Engineer Abdul Basit Salem Al-Baour, attended the briefing presented by the Director of the National Database Management on the mechanisms of the national data distributor’s work, highlighting its achievements and the most important projects implemented during the current year, at the authority’s branch in the Ras Hassan region, today, Tuesday.

The head of the Authority listened to detailed explanations from the Director of the National Database Management Department, Mr. Nader Mleitan, regarding the content of the briefing, the department’s achievements of its objectives, as well as its action plan for the coming year and its most important projects. The head of the Authority praised all the efforts that have contributed to activating electronic linkage between the Authority and a number of national institutions, and have also contributed to enhancing the flow and exchange of data between the Authority and these institutions, ensuring the importance and impact of reliable and accurate data in enabling decision-makers to make sound decisions and formulate policies and strategic plans.

The head of the authority emphasized the need to intensify and unify efforts and work with the spirit of one team within an integrated work system that contributes to providing the best electronic services to state institutions.

During the briefing, the work that was implemented through the national data distributor was reviewed, which includes an integrated work environment of administrative procedures and technical operations for processing, auditing, and passing data according to secure technical protocols.

The briefing was attended by a number of department managers, offices, department heads, units, and employees of the authority.

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