• Tripoli, December 13, 2023.

Engineer Ayoub Al-Shuaikh, Director of the National Information System Department at the General Information Authority, today, Wednesday, discussed with Engineer Walid Al-Shatwi, Director of the Technical Affairs Department at the Economic Information and Documentation Center, and Engineer Omar Al-Ramali, a representative of the Information and Documentation of the Ministry of Civil Service, the various cooperation frameworks aimed at supporting the enhancement of technological development and all the organizational components witnessed by the two ministries.

The meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Authority, discussed enhancing various forms of cooperation between the Authority and the two centers, including the exchange of expertise, technical consultations, and electronic services related to the ministries, as well as ways to support and develop them by the General Information Authority.

 Attending the meeting from the Authority were Engineer Tawfiq Najmuddin Msabah, Engineer Hussam Al-Rabti, Engineer Ali Al-Barouni, Engineer Rabia Al-Qaidi, and a number of engineers from the two centers.

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