According to the directives of the head of the General information Authority , Abdelbaset Salem Al-Baour, to achieve the principle of transparency and comprehensiveness in inventorying assets, fixed and movable assets, devices, equipment, furniture, means of transportation, and other contents of the Authority and its branches, in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the legislation in force, the committees for the annual inventory of the contents and assets of the Commission for the year 2022, formed by a decision of the head of the Commission, have completed their work and submitted their final report to the head of the Commission.

The head of the Central Committee for the annual inventory of the Authority’s assets and contents for the fiscal year 2022, Mr. Adel Sobhi Abu Abdullah, praised the efforts made in this regard in the spirit of one team by all inventory committees and with high efficiency and the spirit of dedication, giving and sincere hard work, all of which contributed to the success of the work of the inventory committees and at the specified time, appreciating the cooperation with the departments and offices of the Authority, and the efforts made by everyone in order to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the work of these committees, stressing that these efforts are a source of pride and appreciation, wishing all employees of the Authority continued success.

The head of the Central Committee raised in his name and on behalf of all the members of the committees, the highest  compliments and thanks to the head of the Authority for the attention and care he provides to the progress of the Authority and highlighting its position in society as a leading government institution in the field of informatics.


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